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Service Operations as a Platform

Supercharging your organisation for digital customer demand

Traditionally, Service Operations ensured performance and resilience through stability – IT estates were physical, locked down, and subject to infrequent, heavily-controlled change.

This paper discusses the challenges facing Service Operations teams and suggests a radical rethink in the way they work.

Extending “shift- left” concepts, the paper proposes ever greater responsibility for live performance should sit with product teams, and that operational teams need to adapt to provide a “platform approach” to support this.

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In the paper, we'll cover:

  • The Opportunity for implementation of Service Operations (and the cost of not doing so)
  • Explore the concept of Service Operations as a Platform and the associated benefits
  • The components of Service Operations as a Platform within organisations 
  • The art of putting the customer first
  • How to implement Service Operations within your business and move Product to the centre of your organisation
  • Next steps

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